It’s been a long time coming….but it’s here!

That’s right!  My first blog post!  My friends will be ever so happy about this.  They think I have stories to tell.  Yes, they are correct, I’ve got some stories and tales that I could share.  I do not consider myself much of a writer but through my research, not many bloggers do.  I guess I’ve found the right platform.

So, what’s this blog about?  Travel + Wine + Tech is a broad summary of what’s going on in my world.  It also encompasses my passions and what drives me going in to this next part of my life.

My travel passion began back in 2000 on that “I’m newly single” trip to Jamaica with my cousin and her friends.  I fell all the way in love with Jamaica and have been there 9 times since.

My wine passion started back in 2008/2009 probably.  I can’t remember the exact instance or occasion but I joined the African American Wine Tasting Society, Inc. and my knowledge and palate expanded by leaps and bounds. Afterall it’s fascinating that a little ol grape made ALL of those wine varieties.

And my latest passion with technology is something I decided to delve deeper into this past January.  I love technology and knowing how things work.  With all of these new gadgets and apps rolling out and making lives easier, I wanted to be a part of that.  I think I first heard “Anyone can make an app” about 3 or 4 years ago.  I have ideas so what better way than to learn what it takes to make an app, a program, a website and build it for others to utilize.  It’s only been 8 months so I’ve not built anything super fantastic yet but I’m having a blast riding the learning curves of software development in an effort to present a project.  Also, another perk of working in a technology field, is the possibility of working remotely, freelancing or working for a startup and contributing to innovation.

Of course I have other passions that will probably bleed through on this blogging journey but for now I’ll be sticking with Travel + Wine + Tech.  I hope you enjoy my journey.  Feel free to leave comments and subscribe to my email list (of course there will be a newsletter one day….ONE DAY).  Hold on… we go!!


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